We have seen law firms, financial businesses, and medical facilities of all sizes hit with breaches that cost them tens of thousands of dollars. Criminals have become increasingly sophisticated in their attacks. So that means that tech companies need to be one step ahead. Here are 5 Olympic Rings of Cybersecurity.

Ring 1 – Your Anti-virus Software, Ransomware, and Next-generation Firewall

In the first ring, we find your triple-layered security to protect your computers as you access the internet. With internet security, however, you get what you pay for. Cheap, limited support leads to a large gap that criminals can exploit.

Ring 2 – Staying Secure While Embracing the Cloud

Through the cloud, your business potential skyrockets. Some businesses will turn to their managed IT provider to help them maintain a hybrid system to avoid having everything on the cloud.

Ring 3 – Locking Down your Internet of Things

Unsecured IoT is asking for trouble. These devices have become increasingly easy to install, but they require careful monitoring. Your information technology partner will help you manage your IoT.

Ring 4 – Making Sure Your Employees are Prepared

Your employees are the final line between the attackers and your data. Hackers prey on attentive employees, those who answer their emails too quickly. Helping your employees prepare and teaching them how to catch these highly effective phishing emails will help keep your business safe.

Ring 5- Cybersecurity to Power Your Future

The cloud enhances collaboration and efficiency. Your data infrastructure allows you to compete on an entirely new level. As this technology makes it easy for you to seize new opportunities, your cybersecurity needs to keep pace.

At Compass Computing Group, we offer the Olympic Rings of Cybersecurity IT Support. Reach out to us today to learn more about any of these critical rings and our best-in-class cyber strategies.