Selecting toys for your baby that are specifically designed for your child’s age can have a stimulating environment for your child’s developmental milestones. It is impossible to miss the Baby Einstein collection of toys books, games, and DVD’s have been made to be engaging and educational for children of the same age. igracka

Baby Einstein is a line of interactive toys and products which are designed to be interactive for children ranging from 3 months to three years old. Baby Einstein is a line of toys that are designed for children. Baby Einstein line of toy products are specifically designed for toddlers and infants from a perspective, and interactive activities are the primary focus of education for children from an young age. edukativne igracke

Making use of real world objects such as music, art as well as poetry, language and even nature, Baby Einstein is a great way to start exploring everything around your child. You’ll be amazed at the ways Baby Einstein can help you and your child discover all the things we share in this world. Baby Einstein DVD’s, books CD’s, books and the entire range of fun toys have been designed to allow parents to engage with their children.

These toddler-friendly toys have been awarded numerous recognitions and awards from parenting sources. Baby Einstein is a Baby Einstein series is a outstanding line of products that will engage your child through stimulating and engaging items. STEM igracke

Baby Einstein Products are offered in a vast assortment of categories. They’re designed to interact with one the other.


This Baby Einstein DVD Collection is made from a baby’s perspective. Your baby will be able to relate to the vibrant images and the sounds that play that appear on the screen. The most popular DVDs includes Baby’s first Sounds, Lullabye Time, Discovering Shapes, Baby Noah and the Animal Expedition, Baby’s Favorite places, and more! djecje igracke


Baby Einstein CD’s are specially made specifically for “little ears” and introduce the children to a wide range of fun music. There’s a specific CD for every occasion! Begin and end your child’s day with beautiful written music on the Baby Einstein Wake Up and Goodnight album! The CD will provide your child with songs that will get them up in the morning , as well in soothing music to help them sleep in the evening. Other popular albums include Lullabies and Sweet Dream, Baby Einstein Sing and Play and Traveling Melodies.


Baby Einstein books are designed to entertain and stimulate toddlers and babies. Certain books feature patterns, textures, mirrors and designs that are interactive. For instance this Touch and Feel Farm Animals board book is a stunning collection of photographs in full color of farm animals, along with tactile panels. Baby readers will be introduced farm animals with a charming text and captivating illustrations. They can enjoy touching the wool of a sheep and the hair of horses. edukativne igracke


This Baby Einstein Toy Collection includes an array of vibrant engaging, fun and easy-to-hold toys. The toys include puzzles, balls hand puppets, shapes sorters, and much many more! The most popular are also the activities toys like those from Around the World Play Gym, Discover and Play Activity Center and Discovering Water Activity Gym.


Have fun at mealtimes with Baby Einstein feeding products. Its Eat and Discover Infant Mealtime Set is an ideal method to introduce your young child to eating. This set of Eat and Discover Spoons and Spill and Discover Cups are made to work in conjunction with the mealstime set. The food items from the collection are designed with vibrant primary colors that draw children’s attention when they eat. webshop igracke