Do you Find the best Swimming pool Contractor for your pool in Abu Dhabi? We at Arabian pools are known as the best swimming pool contractor in Abu Dhabi. Whether it is used for actual swimming or just to appear stunning in the yard, you should contact the Best Swimming pool companies in Abu Dhabi to build a swimming pool for you.

Once the decision to have a swimming pool in Abu Dhabi is made, many people wonder where to go from there. Creating a swimming pool doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With the right Swimming Pool Company in  Abu Dhabi, you can choose the proper options while building a pool in the backyard. Below mentioned are some of the important categories and subcategories for the type of pool to be decided.


1. Type of pool

There are 3 kinds of pool: in-ground, semi in-ground and above ground.

The in-ground (or dug up) pool: unrivalled in comfort and durability!

The semi in-ground (or semi-dug) pool: an “all terrain” choice

Above-ground pools: easy to transport


2. Size of pool

Pools come in 3 major size options as stated below


Mini pool: less than 10 m²

Standard size pool: around 32 m²

Lap pool (sports swimming): from 10 m in length


3. Shape of the Pool: Among the most well-known pool models:

The “rectangular” pool: this is a classic, stylish and timeless design;

The lap pool : useful for athletes only

The “oval” pool: This pool integrates easily and harmoniously. It enables you to swim long lengths to allow good circulation around the pool; suitable for fans of aqua-siestas as well as athletes alike;

The “bean-shaped” pool: It is generally a multi-zone pool. It gently fits into the landscape. Helps to separate hyper-active children from the hyper-inactive parents;

The “free-form” pool: this pool optimizes the available space by an atypical shape that adapts to any garden;


4. Type of steps

Exterior steps that are installed outside of the pool structure

Interior steps that are incorporated into the pool structure


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