Introducing Rely installment; pay for your purchase in 3 interest-free monthly installments. Link any of your debit/credit cards as your payment method and get approved instantly. No lengthy forms to fill and it is as simple as making any card purchases. No extra charges if you make your payments on time monthly. A late fee will be applied for late payments. Frequent FAQS:

-What is Rely?
1. Rely is a service that enables you to purchase now and pay for them in monthly installments

-Who can use Rely?
1.Has a Singapore Residential Address
2.Has a Singapore issued Debit/Credit card
3.Is above the age of 21 years old

-How do i use Rely payment?
1.Download the rely app. Click to pay and input your debit/credit card details. First time customers will need to register with Rely and provide payments details as usual. Returning customers simply log in to make their purchase with Rely Installment.

-What cards does Rely accept?
1.Rely Installment accepts Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards issued in Singapore. Unfortunately Rely does not accept any prepaid cards or foreign debit cards.

-When will my first payment be charged?
1. Your first payment will be charged at the point of purchase. Subsequent monthly payments will be charged on the same date automatically to your card.

-Is there a limit to how much i can spend?
1. Yes the limit varies from person to person. The more successful orders you have completed with Rely, the higher the eligibility amount. The limit for Debit card is usually $600 and Credit card is $1500.


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