Portugal and the franchise cleaning business Prime Clean The Portuguese Republic is situated in Southwestern Europe and has a population of about 10.8 million with the majority living in urban areas. The biggest cities are Lisbon (504,718) and Porto (237,591). The average household net-adjusted disposable income per capita is $ 20 519 a year (OECD average of $ 30 563 a year). Though the economy of Portugal is a bit beyond European powers, the country looks attractive for investments in cleaning business sector as it is cheaper for running a business than some European countries. The Prime Clean franchising is the best option in franchise business sector for new francise business. Tourism contributes greatly to the economy of the country ( in 2017 there were 12.7 million tourist arrivals) and creates a huge consumer market in cleaning sector and consequently opportunities for cleaning franchise businesses. Portugal is also good for starting a franchise business as it has a booming hospitality industry and a numerous labor force eager to work. The unemployment in the country is quite high and the wages are low. The most popular franchise businesses in the country are Cleanings, Food and Beverage, Entertainment, Retail, Automotive, Beauty and […] read more