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October 14, 2021

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How to fix a Meter Box?

Meter boxes can become damaged very easily. You may notice wear and tear on yourMeter Box, since they are frequently exposed to weather elements, including wind, rain, and vandalism. The process of replacing your damaged meter box is very simple and easy. Installing new meter box hinges. The broken hinges on your meter box may be replaced instead of buying a whole new meter box if your meter box door is damaged. Damage to the hinges of your meter box is usually the first thing you notice. Fortunately, replacing the hinges is an easy process: 1.       You need to remove the existing pin. 2.       Replace the existing hinge with the new door pin hinge. 3.       To secure, use a hammer. The door on the meter box needs to be replaced. If theMeter Box doors are badly damaged, it is recommended that they be replaced. There is a variety of replacement gas and electric meter box doors available. Once you have ordered a new door, carry out the following instructions to replace it: 1.       For the frame, ensure the door is the right size. 2.       Locate […] read more
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Smart Keys and Locks

These days most cars use smart keys and it’s rare to see a car that has only the traditional type of locks. Car keys tend to be either a hybrid of metal key + smart lock or a complete smart locking system that doesn’t need a metal key at all. The latest cars operate through wifi and don’t even need the key or card to be out of the pocket or bag. As long as it’s in range, it can open and operate the door. Key Solution Locksmiths are experts at a wide range of automotive smart keys and programming types. Get in touch to confirm that we currently stock your type of key. Check out some of Key Solution Locksmith’s Google reviews: From: Lily M 5 months ago Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value Danny came to Coogee to get me back into my car after losing my key, he can fast and efficiently. Sorted me with a smart key and a spare key. Already recommended to friends!! Gave me a much better price then other locksmiths ! read more
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