The current cycle of enterprise ICT technology refreshes provides a wealth of opportunities and challenges for both companies and government agencies. Service-oriented architectures’ potential for that allow for collaboration, interoperability and continuous operations is a enticing result of technology and business models that are available today. The issues are more closely related to processes in the business and human elements and both require changes to organizational structures in order to make the most of collaborative environment that is enabled by the cloud computing as well as access to broadband communication. Getting the most value from creating an interoperable environment for organizations and governments can be made easier by using cloud computing. Cloud computing and the underlying technology could create an operational environment which supports many strategic goals being considered in government as well as private sector companies.Microsoft Teams The process of achieving targets for capabilities and architectures is not a one-time event it requires an understanding of the current “as-is” capability baselines, requirements for the target and the gaps or capabilities that needed to meet the target and the creation of a clearly defined process to transition the company from an “as-is” base point to a desired ecosystem Integration Partner To be […] read more