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Hi’I am Brij Mohan Fonuder & Associate Petron Thermoplast  Limited Company. Petronthermoplast  Industries Limited is one of  the leading piping and water storage solutions companies in India.

The CPVC diaphragm valve is suitable for the transmission of corrosion medium and the regulation of the flow and interception. The overflow components are assembled by RPP or PVDF injection parts. It has excellent corrosion resistance and lightweight, is a good replacement of stainless steel valves in some cases.

CPVC Diaphragm Valves are usually used for slightly more complex commercial or industrial applications. They use a membrane or “diaphragm” to restrict or allow flow. The valves we supply on PVC Fittings Online are manual, but diaphragm valves can also be automated (actuated). Our valves are made with a durable PVC body, allowing the valve to stand up to harsh industrial conditions. Diaphragm valves can come in a range of body and seal materials. Our valves are PVC with EPDM seal material

The PETRON THERMOPLAST is a leading global manufacturer of Thermoplastic Industrial engineering products and taking industrial projects for chemical, wastewater treatment plants


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