A custom pet portrait is a beautiful way to show your love for your furry friend. They are a unique and fun way to memorialize the time you have spent together. A painting of your dog can also give as a gift, treasured for years to come.


This blog post discusses how you can get started with ordering one of these custom pet portraits from an artist. 


1. Why should you get a custom pet portrait?


When you get a portrait of your pet, it is like getting an oil painting of yourself. You can hang it in the living room and share with friends and family stories about your dog’s quirks – his favorite food, places he enjoys going, or his best tricks. It is a beautiful way to remember good times spent together and to celebrate the joy your pet has brought you.


2. How it works?


When you contact an artist, they will first discuss with you the pose of your dog. They may ask for photos to help them get the correct perspective and structure for your custom portrait. The artist will discuss with you what sort of background would best portray your pet – do they live on a farm? 


Do you prefer a natural or urban landscape? You can also discuss with the artist any other elements you would like involved in your painting. Once all of the details have worked out, they will begin work on your portrait. If you live nearby, it is possible that you can watch them paint your pet’s portrait – this is an exceptional experience!


3. What to expect from the artist?


Every artist has a different set of skills and abilities. You can expect your custom portrait to do in oil or acrylic paint on canvas, wood panel, or watercolor paper.


The size of the painting will depend on what you would like an excellent place to start if you are not sure what will look good in your house. You can also discuss with the artist how they would like to pay.






4. The experience of receiving your custom pet portrait?


When your custom pet portrait finishes, you will receive it by mail or pick it up in person (if that is an option). Your artist will frame the portrait for you and be available to answer any questions you may have about hanging it.


5. What to do next?


Once the portrait is received, you can sit back and admire it! If you’re like us, you may even take a photo of your dog with the painting and put it on Facebook or email it to friends and family.


6. Contact us today for your next personalized gift order:


Don’t wait! Contact us today with your questions or to make an order. We offer free quotes and would love the chance to help you memorialize your pet in a custom portrait painting. 




Custom pet portraits are a perfect way to show your love for both you and your furry friend. You can choose to have one of our artists paint an image based on photos or bring in something from home for us to use as inspiration!


Our team will work with you every step of the way so you get what you want. Contact us today if you are interested in custom pet portraits. 


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