The exception to the rule

That you should, on certain occasions, discharge your battery to 0% (complete discharge).

What occasion

Its battery percentage drops suddenly, for example, staying unusually long at 50% and then jumping to 35% in the blink of an eye.

The battery turns off when the battery remains.

If this happens, perform a full discharge followed by a full charge for recalibration.

To calibrate your phone’s battery:

              Drain the phone’s battery until the phone shuts down on its own (no charging in between)

              Charge your phone to 100% while it is turned off.

              When it reaches 100%, unplug it from the charger and turn on your phone.

Why did this happen?

Battery readings are discarded because, unlike the actual electrochemical battery, the digital battery (the intelligent chip in the battery) shows us the task does not age. The following graph visualizes the inconsistency between the two created over time.

How Often Should You Calibrate Your Battery?

Whenever your battery begins to show an inaccurate reading; otherwise, avoid full discharge as it degrades battery capacity.

When for a long time the phone is not used.

Now putting it all together.

Maintain the battery as close to the midpoint as possible. Extreme battery levels, defined as levels between 0% and 100%, reduce battery capacity.

However, doing so defeats the purpose of using a smartphone, which is CONVENIENCE. With that said, here’s what you can do instead:

When it’s convenient, recharge. Allow it to fall below 20% (or more) and avoid fully discharging the battery unless calibration is required.

Unplug the device when the battery level is between 80 per cent (or less) and 100 per cent. Don’t leave your phone at 100 per cent for too long; instead, connect it to the charger as soon as it’s fully charged.

There are strict rules to follow. Most people recommend the 20 – 80 rule, which you should follow. You can also do 45 – 75 or other combinations.

You also need to understand the importance of iPhone charging port repair when all these things don’t work. When nothing works people start handling the hardware on their own which is wrong, instead find some same day phone repair shop near you which can help you replace the faulty hardware for you.

You can adapt your charging habits to your needs and daily routine as long as you understand what is harmful to your battery. Because, while it can significantly improve battery life, it doesn’t make sense if you demand that you forego the enjoyment and convenience that your smartphone is supposed to provide.