Somebody who is in direct contact with electrical flow needs quick assistance. The casualty might not be able to move in light of muscle fits, or might be oblivious. Protecting such an individual can be exceptionally perilous. In the event that you contact the person in question, you, when all is said and done, may get found out by the current and become a subsequent casualty. elektrilised tõukerattad

Ensuring that you are not stepping in any electric water on the floor, attempt to turn off the machine (switching it off isn’t sufficient) or even better, switch off the power at the electrical board. On the off chance that under any condition switching off the power is absurd, attempt to get a long piece of wood (a brush handle will do) or whatever else that won’t direct power, and attempt to drive the current away from the person in question. You can likewise attempt some dry rope or clothing, and potentially circle it around the casualty’s arm or leg, pulling them liberated from the current.

If it’s not too much trouble, NOTE: If somebody is being shocked by high-voltage flow, don’t go close to them. High voltage flows can bend (bounce) similar to 7 meters. Typical kinds of protection won’t ensure you. Call for crisis help.

Except if there is impending risk, don’t move the person in question. Keep him/her resting. Oblivious casualties ought to be set on their side to permit waste of liquids. Try not to move the person in question assuming there is a doubt of neck or spine wounds except if totally important.
On the off chance that the casualty isn’t breathing, apply mouth-to-mouth revival. Assuming the casualty has no heartbeat, start cardiopulmonary revival (CPR). Then, at that point, cover the casualty with a cover to keep up with body heat, keep the casualties head low and stand out enough to be noticed.

Remain with the casualty until help shows up

Emergency treatment for Electrical Burn Victims

Electrical consumes differ in seriousness relying on: (1) how long the body was in touch with the electric flow; (2) the strength of the flow; (3) the sort of flow; and (4) the bearing the flow takes however the body. Most serious consumes are effortless, because of the harmed nerves. Regularly these consumes are profound. Electrical consume wounds might look minor outwardly, however could be extreme within.