Additional Security Fee

A Security Fee Additional (Mortgage Insurance Guarantee) is the cost you pay to obtain an insurance policy to guarantee your lender that if you fail to make payment, he won’t incur any loss.mortgages The Additional Security Fee and premium in addition to the mortgage advance. While you pay the fee, keep in mind that this policy is designed for the security of your lender, and not to protect you.

Administration Fee

Administration fees are the sum paid by your lender to get started on the documentation portion that you submit with your mortgage. It also includes the home valuation fee too. The administration fee won’t be reimbursed even if the valuation has not been completed or even if your application was rejected.

Negative Credit

Adverse credit can occur whenever you’ve got a bad credit history, such as bankruptcy, credit or bankruptcy, CCJ or arrears on loans.

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  •  The term “adverse credit” can be referred to as poor credit, bad credit, or be described as having poor credit scores.

    Restrictions on Agricultural Use

    A restriction on agriculture is a legal requirement that can make it impossible for you to own an interest in a property if the occupation is in any way connected to agriculture.

    Annual Percentage Rate

    The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the rate at which you take out money from a lender. It is inclusive of all the upfront fees as well as the ongoing charges which you’ll be paying over the duration of the mortgage. Like the name implies, the annual percentage rate, also known as APR is the amount of a mortgage stated in the form of a year-long rate. APR is the annual percent rate. It is an excellent method to evaluate the rates from various lenders by comparing the cost per year that each mortgage.


    Apportionment, also known as sharing out is a method that lets you share the burden of utility bills and property taxes. between the buyer or seller of the property if you’re selling or purchasing the property.


    Arrears occur when you are in default on your mortgage repayment or other debt payment. If you are in arrears with the current record of your mortgage, you’ll have issues when you decide to think about remortgaging your home or taking out an additional mortgage.

    Fee for Arrangement

    A fee for arrangement is the cost you must pay to your lender in order to get access to certain mortgage offers. When you are looking for the fixed rate, cash-back, or a discounted rate mortgages, you’ll pay the fee when you make your application. it is added to the loan at the end of the term or taken from the loan at the time of its the loan’s completion.


    An assignment is a document that transfers the lease of the property or ownership rights from the seller to the buyer. It could be an endowment plan to the building society when it is in connection with mortgage.


    ASU is an acronym for Accident Sickness, Unemployment, and Accident insurance that protects your mortgage payment in the event in the event of an accident, illness, or uninvoluntary unemployment.


    Auctions are the auction of an asset to the person who has the highest bid. The bidder with the highest price must enter into a contract binding which ensures that he has completed all appraisals, searches, and so on. prior to the auction to the owner of the house.

    The Authority to inspect the Register

    The authority to examine an official register is an official document from the registered or legal owner of a property that permits the purchaser’s solicitor to inquire about the property.

    Banker Draft

    A banker’s draft is a means to pay. It appears similar to a cheque however, in reality it’s a cash-based payment. The cash is handed over to the bank then they will issue a check which is vetted to be suitable for the amount given.

    Base Rate Tracker

    The Base Rate Tracker one type of mortgage where the interest rate is variable however, it is set at a higher rate (above) to the Bank of England Base Rate over a time or for the entire duration of this mortgage. The greatest benefit of this kind of loan is there is very little or no penalty for redemption. In other words, by making more payments, you’ll be able to save on interest charges by paying off your mortgage before the date specified on the original mortgage contract.