Make your car absolutely unique with perfect cherished number plates. Here, you will read a complete guide to pick the best cherished plates for your beloved vehicle.

Perform Specific Duties For Cherished Plates Ownership

In order to get ownership of cherished number platesyou need to complete certain duties. You have to set it on a retention document (V778) alternatively moving it to another automobile during separating your personalised plates from your wheel. In order to put a registration number off a car, you need to fill online application form. And, fill form V317 – Application for a paper chart while obtaining a cherished number plate. 

Retain Cherished Registrations

You can assign cherished number plates at about £80 to one wheel to another car. DVLA application ‘V317 – Application’ that needs to complete for transferring or retaining a peronalise plates. It can speedily make your plate transfer with a straightforward two-step online procedure. First, retain your number plate to your new wheel. After that, allot your number plate to your new wheel.

You require to extend a retention document (V778) or certificate of entitlement (V750) free of cost before they get expired. 

Process To Buy Cherished Plates

There’s is a simple procedure for buying cherished plates that you can easily go through.


  • First, decide what you want to put on your number plate.

  • Use search bar and press enter to explore your favorite number plate.

  • Find plates results that meet your specifications.

  • Place the order online or call to order. 

Popular Number/ Letter Combos To Useauto

In order to buy the perfect personalised plates, four plate styles currently available that you can choose include Current Style – i.e. AB12 ABC, Prefix Style – i.e. A123 ABC, Suffix Style – i.e. ABC 123A, Dateless Style – i.e. 1ABC or ABC1

There are some of the most popular personalised plate themes such as Names and nicknames, Jobs or professions, Sports or hobbies, Vehicle-related, Interesting words or jokes that can be used on number plates. Under your creativity and availability, the boundary of what your personalised plates will state. Well, generally common words and phrases are remembered swiftly so you need to be more creative with your choice of lettering to be stand out from the crowd.

Restrictions While Acquiring Cherished Number Plates

Some restrictions on personalised plates given below

• Neither you use the letter ‘Q’ in starting of personalised registration plate nor put a personalised plate on a ‘Q’ registered car.

• You are not permitted to use personalised plates to make your car look more modern

• Don’t change the spacing on your personalised plates

• Use fixing bolts or other devices to transform the look of your plate will not be valid.

Cherished Plates Worth

The cost of cherished plates completely depends upon chosen numbers. the more desirable the plate, the more expensive it will be. Well, Cherished plates to fit all budgets ranging from £25 to several £100,000’s at Platinum Plates.