This is our Milky way galaxy. It contains hundreds of billions of stars. The perfect Galaxy around its center. This galaxy is called Vishnu Navi after Vedic names. Our Solar system is here. When we get closer to the solar system, we find the earth and other planets orbiting the sun. The basic premise of astronomy is to study the planet’s orbit around the earth over a period of time and to study its effects.

To understand the positions of different planets, we need to define the positions of the planets in relation to something. Another easy way to describe where the planets are located is to divide the sky into different zones and to study what planet each planet lies in, at a given moment. For example, here we can say that the sun is in category A and mars are in category B. Now the natural question arises, how many zones divide the sky and how we direct our separation.

Depending on the situation, the planets may be in a different category. Therefore, we need a foundation for this division. This foundation is where the major differences between Hindu astrology and western astrology lie. They base their differences on different principles. Let us first look at how Hindus make their divisions. The division of the sky by the Hindus is based on the position of the stars. Far away from the earth, there are billions of stars.

Only a fraction of them are visible on earth. Of these visible stars, we have used our imagination and painted the imagination of some of them. These are called stars. There are twelve stars like these around the earth lying parallel or partially in the circle. 

These stars are the mainstay of Hindu astrology. 

This divides the sky into 12 zones, 30 degrees each and the zodiac is known by the names of these stars. As these Hindu astrological zodiacs are described in relation to the stars, they are also called the “sidereal” zodiac. Now let’s see how the zodiac of western stars is defined.

The western zodiac is based on the location of the sun and not on distant stars. Let’s see how it is explained. There are 4 distinct points in orbit. 1. Winter solstice 2. Summer solstice 3. Spring equinox 4. Fall equinox. Winter Solstice is the point at which the world’s hemisphere has the longest night and summer solstice is the longest day in the hemisphere.

The equinox has two points in which the earth has the same day and night. One of them took place in a march, also called the spring equinox, and the other in September called the fall equinox. Now, in western astronomy, the zodiac is defined as when the earth is in the equinox of the spring, the midday sun is at zero degrees Aries. 

From this point on, 12 zodiacs each of 30 degrees are drawn. Words similar to those of Hindu astrology. Because of its meaning from the sun, it is called the “Tropical Zodiac” Now one of the interesting things about the western zodiac is that the position of the spring equinox is not adjusted and is slowly in motion movies. This practice is called the precursor of equinoxes.

This initial reaction is due to a number of factors such as the effects of solar and lunar solar fusion, as well as the slow rotation of the earth’s axis. So, as you can see, over time as the equinox point moves around, the position of the zodiac itself changes.

The position of zero-degree Aries changes over time. This can be understood with the help of a drawing. Here the outer circle represents the Hindu star described in the fixed and not fixed stars. The inner circle represents the western zodiac and is defined from equinoxes and solstices. As time goes on, the sidereal zodiac is paused while the hot zodiac continues to solidify. So over time, the two zodiacs disagree. This difference between the angles of the theses of the two zodiacs is called “ayana?sa”. Currently, from 2020, ayanamsa is between 22-25 degrees. These two zodiacs were well-matched centuries ago between 200-550 AD

The exact date is unknown but there are various programs that predict different starting points. Some of these plans are: The Lahiri program which begins in the area dated 285 AD B.V. Raman places it at 397 AD Shr Yiukteshwar which takes place in 499 AD According to Lahiri, the ayanamsa is about 24,1425 degrees. The BV Raman system sets it at 22.698 degrees, while Sri Yukteshwar sets it at about 22.81 degrees. The Indian government has granted Lahiri a favor as a standard, and she is one of the best known of the Vedic astrologers.

But other programs are also used. On average the western zodiac has a precession rate of about 1 degree in 72 years, and again in about 26 thousand years, the zodiac will once again be in perfect harmony. Unlike the western zodiac, the Hindu zodiac is established, and maintains its relationship with distant stars. It keeps its alignment in the center of the Galaxy. The Galaxy Center is very important for Vedic astrology. It is called “Brahma” the creative power or “Vishnu Navi” which is the center of Vishnu or ‘The Galactic Center’ in scientific language. The light emitted and transmitted by the planets of the solar system.

The galactic center also determines health and intelligence in the world. The Hindu Zodiac maintains its position so that the galactic center is located in a moon star or nakshatra called ‘Mula’ meaning root or spring.

In this sense, we can say that the Hindu zodiac maintains its relationship with the universe, so it is also a cosmic astrological study. In contrast, astronomical observations in the west maintain their relationship with the sun through equinox, hence the name solar stars.

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Acharya Shree, what is your opinion on Astrology? Astrology is an Indian tradition.

They have different names. They said: “What is my horoscope?”. They think it is Vedic Astrology. Vedic means as creative. Chart. It has 12 houses. And there are in 12 houses there are different types of nakshatras. nama-grahas. Planets are what we call.

There are actually many planets but they are moving, orbiting, so we look at them and they are working because they are in a bigger position. As great as the Earth. Or bigger than Mars. Bigger than ever … bigger than Jupiter. But in our solar system there is only one thing I think Jupiter is considered to be too big. So there are nine major planets.

Astrology, therefore, is a belief that when you are born at a certain time and all these planets are affected … your body is made almost … as a result of which you are already in the body. Suppose Jupiter … Jupiter was near you when you were born. Or Mars was close to you. So your body has that effect. That is a myth and goes back thousands of years.

And whenever those planets orbit at certain angles or move at certain angles so creating that kind of situation is possible …. prosperity can occur in a certain country or somewhere … south or north or east. Or some kind of person. That’s what we call “Oh, this man is born with the stars … he’s very lucky”. Even if a person is unlucky, this person is born with bad stars. So that’s astrology.

Astronomy is determined by most of the stars since thousands of years of the same event occurs whenever they rotate at certain angles or in certain circles. So that’s what they decided was going to happen. But this is not really the case. It’s just their belief. As in the Hindu tradition Rama should receive a crown. He should be the king of Ayodhya.

But on that day, instead of being king, he was taken captive. So astrology did not work. And his guru – meaning astrologer – was well-known. And he set the time for the crown. But he was kidnapped on the other side. So he didn’t … it doesn’t mean astrology will work.

But let me tell you – there are people who have a misconception about astrology. Astrology actually means that there are many stars or planets, affecting you. Yes it is certain that energy affects us because even though Jupiter is far from us but the energy from Jupiter still affects us. Even Mars’ influence still affects us because it is the largest planet in the universe. It is bigger than Earth. The moon is the closest.

So the moon has a lot to do with it. Our emotions. If it is Venus, Venus is also close to us so it affects a lot. People feel and become very powerful and glorious When Venus is close to you when you are born. Or there it will come around again and it will come to you. Because we know the speed of all the planets because they rotate.

So that’s statistically anyone can count. And now the computer counts very easily. So you can make your horoscope and see where Venus is, where Jupiter is, how much I am affected by them. To be affected by them means to be affected by their strength. That’s what you say. When you are touched by Saturn, then Saturn often takes you in the wrong direction. But if you are affected by Mercury it will take you into business.

If you are influenced by Jupiter you will receive a very high level of education. So they have a different meaning and different effects of that. But let me tell you something simple: Because their power affects you, let’s say … You go to school and you try very hard, you try … you work hard to learn.

But you can’t read. So somehow Jupiter’s energy is not in your body. So how would an astronomer suggest you find a small stone, And if you find that yellow stone It’s not a sapphire, it’s not a ruby ??… It’s a yellow stone and it’s citrine and otherwise if you can’t find that … it’s very expensive.

But you can get citrine, it is not expensive. So you wear gold and wear it on this index finger So you will start to attract the power of Jupiter. That becomes a channel. Those stones are actually on Earth.

Because sometimes fragments break up from all over the planet and fly to Earth. And that if we could find the original citrine or Jupiter stone, therefore, what would happen to be Jupiter’s power station.

Vedic astrology is an old way of knowing the past and the future and what it was like in the past. Why were you born this time of life? What is the purpose of your life? This is Vedic Astrology Where we can easily see past lives and can tell right now what is the effect from past life on your life and How Can You Change? This is also if you have the evil power of bad karma how can you find out how to change it if you think that if you look at your horoscope in the past life you are giving someone a problem or you are giving someone a problem then this life should be out of your blood in your body.

So Blood can come out by accident with a knife or something. So not by accident. Just get into the blood Like the Red Cross and donate blood as a sacrifice to cleanse your karma with certain herbs or something like this began after the martyr Galileo, even assuming that the earth is square and does not revolve around it now that the Vedic system does not know past life.

The Western system, they do not believe in past lives There is no possibility and the Vedic system goes very deep into what you did in the past life what is the effect of this present life and how you can find these problems with the Western system, not ‘ That’s all, but the search for the Vedic system and what problem you have and how to get into this problem Vedic science is very different.

We follow some of the laws of humanity and love how people can communicate with humans personally and how because in the Vedic system Vedic science needs to work with your spirit and soul and, not only mentally we connect physically physically emotionally And spiritually all the four full pillars of Vedic science from astronomy We use only the most common in the oldest book when they do Vedic Astrology They use only seven planets Sun Mars mercury Jupiter Venus and Saturn later, they also present the notes of the moon and Rahu and Ketu Rahu Ketu acting as they love the mouth of Kundalini Rahu and Ketu is the Tail of the Kundalini which is for all people and we use this also in astrological predictions But we do not use Uranus Pluto and another Planet which we cannot use if we only use the planet nine Our system depends on this nine world There is just so much in the world.

Many famous people came here, in 98 I was sitting in my office one woman her laughed and laughed and said it was impossible because we are Danish people how could that be. We can’t have a black baby and yet I say okay it’s your birth star. Last month he called me. You told me you texted a black man And I have this twin style, but it comes from a black man.

So it really happened at some point Amazing things about nostalgie and he was amazed at how you could tell 20r before that. She this girl is going to have a baby with black twins and How It Happened for These Things to Happen in Vedic Astrology every day here in my life. As soon as you get dressed, so you start taking collection in class. That is what will happen. 

Basically, they touch us because they have great power. So if they have a lot of power and we are lacking, so we don’t have it, we can’t bring the whole planet here, but we can have that kind of fix – stones – because what looks like the Sun is a ruby, because the Moon Pearl, because Mars is Moonga … It’s called moonga (red coral). I don’t know the English word, but Mercury is a green stone, it’s emerald. And Jupiter is citrine or another name … it doesn’t come to me right now. But for Venus it is a sapphire. Saturn is also a sapphire. On Venus it can also be a diamond in fact. Instead of sapphire it is diamond. And on Saturn it is sapphire.

So that’s the way it works. It becomes a channel and therefore attracts that kind of energy that is lacking in our body. And if we can attract that kind of power, it will work. So if Saturn’s energy works well in your body, then, you can access business.

But if it doesn’t work, you have a hard time succeeding in the business. The same thing people think a person has feelings, so they find out, they wear a silver ring of pearl. It affects them because it becomes the channel of the moon.

The moon’s power is therefore measured. Astrology is based on mathematical knowledge … That is why bad astrologers do not know this concept. They look at this stone, you wear this stone, you wear that stone, you will be right, you will be bad – that is not the way.

You need to understand what is missing from your body. Then you can, then astrology can be the way it should work. What a lack of attraction, find a channel. And astronomical observations somehow make up about 70 percent of the right. But if it is not calculated correctly it can be completely wrong. So I would not suggest that you go to astrology. Just know for yourself.