Examining The Void

There are many reasons for having your carpets cleaned each year or at the very least each 18 month period. The most important reason to do this is because the carpet warranty typically requires cleaning each year, or else the warranty may be voided. Although this isn’t a valid reason in and of itself but it is an incentive to observe this policy.

The Truth Lays Just Below the Surface

The real reason is that a variety of oils, soils, spores and particles are embedded into your carpets that are beyond the scope of what regular vacuuming is able to eliminate. Cleaning your carpets properly eliminates these contaminants and improves not just the health of your carpets but also your overall health too. Cleansing your carpets properly removes allergens that may affect the quality of your indoor air if they are not maintained properly. If someone can’t spot dirt on the carpet does not mean that it’s not there. The most popular kind of carpet cleaning method is Hot-Water Extraction which is also known as “Steam Cleaning.” This kind of carpet cleaning uses extreme hot water and pressure to penetrate into the carpet fibers, which loosens dirt, stains, and other debris and removing it. Two elements pressure and hot water will be sufficient to determine the quality of the cleaning that the professional can offer beyond hiring a carpet cleaner from a retail store. Hot Water Extraction is the preferred method for carpet cleaning recommended by almost all major carpet manufacturers, because of their own test guidelines and the results.

Still Resistant?

In addition, if your carpet is stain-resistant or covered upon purchase, the stain-blocking agent will fade with time. Making sure your carpets are protected by products such as Scotchgard will help keep those stain-resistant properties functioning and ensure that staining doesn’t set in your carpet or padding. The majority of people think that Scotchgard protection is just a trick carpet cleaners are trying to sell. However, when you read the article to learn more about Scotchgard you’ll be able to see the importance of this protection.

The more a Homeowner Suffers and saves, the more they can save big Bucks!

Carpet cleaning is best done when homeowners regularly clean their carpets. Both of these steps are crucial for extending the lifespan of your carpets and improving indoor air quality , and maintaining the highest quality for your house. Regular vacuuming keeps dust, allergens and bugs like mites and fleas from causing health issues for both pets and owners.

Lastly…Comparing Apples to Microsoft

In the end, it’s crucial to understand that every carpet cleaning doesn’t work the same. The rental of a machine at your local grocery store won’t yield the same outcomes of having it professionally handled. A professional with experience will utilize equipment that works more efficiently (either that use a much higher temperature for Steam Cleaning, or specific chemicals and techniques that bond with soils and raise them to surface – i.e. the encapsulation technique) Also, as with the computer companies Apple and Microsoft although they both offer computers, they approach this in a different manner. Carpet cleaning businesses are no different. Some will sacrifice quality and service in order to attract customers by offering a lower cost. Others, however, place emphasis on service, quality as well as customer service. If you are considering a professional carpet cleaner make sure you ask these basic questions to ensure that you are comparing similar services with the costs that are quoted:

1.) What are the steps included in the price?
2.) Do your services include stain removal? Carpet Grooming?
3.) Do you provide any kind of satisfaction guarantee?

These simple questions will provide you with an idea of what kind of service to be expecting from each business in order to get the best quality cleaning to get the most value for money. Now that you understand the importance of carpet cleaning and what to look out for when you clean your carpets, think about the most recent time your carpets were cleaned. You might want to consider placing your carpets on an ongoing cleaning schedule. Your pets, carpets and loved ones will be grateful for it!

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