Decorating a kitchen can prove to be a bit difficult. There are a lot of things to consider when designing and creating a layout for a kitchen space. Not only does it need to be organized but it also needs to be a functional space since it is an area where someone will be preparing ingredients and cooking dishes. An easy way to spice up a kitchen area is to have a bit of art on the walls. Luckily, there are a lot of kitchen wall art ideas that are available online. Having a lot of resources to draw inspiration from is a great advantage when it comes to designing.


One of the most common decors to use in the kitchen are wall decors, as they are easy to install and move around if the owner decides to do so. Wall decors give the plain walls of the kitchen a bit more character, and can be what gives the space its unique and purposeful vibe. One of the many possible wall decors to have is a canvas print. Having kitchen canvas wall art is a great way to add a personal touch to the space. There are different types of canvases that you can use for kitchen wall prints such as a regular canvas, a framed canvas, and a split canvas. A split canvas would have 3 separate rectangular shaped canvases. Canvas prints are usually placed on a plain wall so it would bring out the colors in the room and also give the room a certain feel. They are fun pieces that can be used to give a nice ambiance to your kitchen. Some popular designs for canvas prints that can be placed in the kitchen are minimalist works, pop art, vintage posters, wine-related art, and coffee-related art. The great thing about canvas prints is that they can accommodate almost any style of print or design. You can have prints made of your favorite food or dish. They can also be used as decorations for special occasions and celebrations. On top of that, the canvas material is also quite durable and long-lasting. Of course, it would still be best to keep these pieces a bit farther away from the cooking areas and sink.


A kitchen can have a variety of different layouts. It can be an open kitchen that is directly connected to another part of the house. On the other hand, it can also be hidden, usually separated from other rooms with walls. The layout is normally determined by the placement of the three work areas of the kitchen. These work areas are the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator; these areas are collectively known as the work triangle. A one-wall kitchen places the stove, sink, and refrigerator in a straight line along a single wall. Cabinets and shelves are also mounted on the same wall. This style of layout is usually done in order to save space. However, it provides limited space for cooking and food preparation because the work areas are so close to one another. A galley kitchen layout places the work areas across each other with a walkway in between, making two parallel areas. This kind of layout is also possible for small spaces and can normally accommodate at most one cook comfortably. More cabinets and shelves can be mounted with this layout compared to the one-wall kitchen. Additionally, there would be no need to install corner cabinets. Another layout would be the L-shaped kitchen. Here, two work areas are placed along the same wall while the third work area is placed along a wall perpendicular to the other. It is normally used in small family homes and may require more space as compared to the previous layouts. A U-shaped kitchen, on the other hand, is made when each work area is placed along three different walls. This is usually done when there is a large kitchen area or if a member of the household enjoys cooking. This layout provides much more floor space as well as more room for cabinets and countertops. An island kitchen layout is similar to a U-shaped kitchen but with an island located in the center. This island can be used to accommodate an additional work area as well as provide more storage space, countertops, and can even function as a dining area. However, it goes without saying that this kind of layout will require the largest amount of space. The last kind of layout would be the peninsula or G-shaped kitchen. It is quite similar to an island kitchen layout but the difference is that the island is connected to one of the sides. The connected part may function as a countertop, storage, and eating area and also uses less floor space compared to the island kitchen. Overall, the layout of the kitchen should be decided based on what will allow the person to work in the most efficient way.


Appliances and storages are one of the many reasons why people remodel their kitchens. This is why it should be given a lot of attention and detail. There are different situations why people remodel their kitchen and one of which is that they need more storage. This is especially true if the owner is into cooking and he/she needs a lot of stock recipes and other kitchen tools. This is why the layout is very important and should also be considered in planning because not only does it make cooking easy but it can also be a good factor in the event of remodeling. It can help save a lot of time and money since the layout would already be planned. When buying appliances, there are a variety of options that are very convenient when it comes to a kitchen. Some of the common and well-known appliances are the refrigerator, oven, stovetop, toaster, and microwave. Other additional appliances might be a warming drawer, steamer, and dishwasher. Make sure to get only the necessary appliances. If the appliance will only be for aesthetic purposes, it can occupy unnecessary space in the kitchen which could have been utilized for other purposes.


Materials that will be used for the wall claddings and floor of the kitchen should also be taken into consideration. These materials should be resistant to water, hot oil, and steam. They should also be able to withstand frequent exposure to high temperatures and moisture with little to no signs of wearing away. It should be easy to clean but should also be durable enough to withstand occasional cleaning using potent chemicals. This means that the materials should also be unreactive in the presence of such chemicals. The materials in the kitchen that are usually seen are ceramics, marble, metal, and wood. These materials are used in a variety of ways. They are used in countertops, tools, storage, and other essential items. They can also be used in tiles and flooring, With this, it gives the kitchen plenty of opportunities to be customized to the owner’s liking, as a plethora of options to choose from revolving around these materials are now readily available. Using different color schemes and designs can amplify how the whole house looks and how the kitchen fits in it.


When designing a kitchen, one might not only put details on the walls but also on the countertops. If you decide to have a layout that has a counter like those mentioned above, you may find yourself buying a basket or two to put on it. This can give the space a more thematic but not cluttered look. One of the things that should also be considered, and is usually overlooked, is the lighting. Lighting can change the mood of any space, as it can be manipulated to be bright and clear, or warm and soft. Since it will be used in the kitchen, people usually use white lights since they are easier on the eyes but are sharp and clear. Different types of lighting can help give your kitchen a certain look, as well as help you illuminate the cooking and preparation areas. Recessed lights can be used for general lighting and can also be placed over the work spaces. Multiple bulbs would be used for this kind of lighting and would usually be spread out evenly across the ceiling. Moreover, these lights can also be directional meaning that they can be adjusted to light up a certain area. Another kind of lighting would be pendant lights. These lights are hanged from the ceiling and are normally supported by a rod, cord, or chain. They can double as decorations and are great to add in an island or peninsula style kitchen. Cabinet lighting can be used under or inside the cabinets. Small lights, such as puck lights, are normally used for this kind of lighting. They can be used to illuminate the contents of a cabinet with glass doors, which is normally done when one wants to bring attention to the items being displayed. They can also be used in order to brighten the work areas. Track lighting is fairly uncommon and is mostly used in modern or contemporary-styled kitchens. Lights are placed along a continuous track or beam. It does have a number of advantages such as lighting up curved areas and being easy to install.


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