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welcome to this video at the influence of the moon in the eighth house.

(VEDIC ASTROLOGY) One week, another Monday, and a new series !!! Yesss !! This week, it’s about the impact of different planets on the eighth house. And if you missed my previous videos on the planets by various houses …

year 2022 horoscope predictions for aries sunshine and we are going to talk about in this video episode not many things we will talk about love health money career family and travel in this video for year 2022 or 2022 so let’s begin from love how the love situation is there in 2022 for aries let’s see this here your love section is going to get more of the action and you will have a fantastic life in this fantastic love life in year 2022 if you are still single you will get a partner and you will get a partner from many other uh many other you know signs and of course your your if you are single still and you are enjoying your single load you may get married in in 2022 the the strongest possibility are there for for having a love marriage or or having a marriage with the partner whom you already in love okay and and next we talk about the health issues what kind of health you are going to have this year is going to be very good for health and health health and your satisfaction mental satisfaction will be fantastically done and you will also have you will also complete most of your task within within the time because you will have a very good very good health and and in year 2022 you will not have any sort of major troubles and some smaller troubles may be there but you may get some issues along with your stomach and you may gain some weight also here and you will you will also control most of your exercise regime and you will put in a very very strong or very you know moderate kind of a diet schedule so that you can you know get rid of few of the older problems and if you are smoking or if you are you know if you are doing any sort of like over binging on the on the food this year in year 2022 you will take some sort of new revolutions which will help you to get rid of these issues basically and you will follow the health regime very finely now let’s talk about the money situation how is this money situation is going to be in this in this year so if you look at this like in year 2020 this was a really a very you know very slow life but but in year 22 you got you got a good start but still things things really didn’t pick up uh till i mean half of the year and still and i’m in 2022 you are still struggling to get back to your your older shape financially now in this year in this year of 2022 your financial condition will be you know much better than the than the previous things previous years and of course you will also get the continuous flow of money and you know in this year but only the problem is this that you will not have much of your investment you know completed and if you look at uh if you look at rest of the year or say month wise in the month of april you will find some opportunities to buy new home new car or you know or there may be some sort of celebration in the home wherein you know you will you will need to put in some money into that and and of course you should not go into any sort of speculative market where in you may lose the money actually okay and uh and good thing about this year in 2022 is you will have continuous flow of money and despite this despite having continuous flow of money you will be able to control your expenditures expenses to certain extent and you will have lot of demand of money from the other family members also in the way in this year and let’s talk about the carrier carrier point of view how is this going to be this year for your career you have the tendency of not being stable into one place into one job for very long time somehow you get influenced by your friends by your you know colleagues around you and that’s how you change the jobs okay but but within this year 2022 you are going to be deep rooted about your career and this this would be one of the finest years in in in your life so far now you will go you will travel a lot many places because of work and because of business business expenditure or say business expansion you will have a lot of positive energy this year and you will be able to continue in the right direction of your work and if you are in in the jobs where you get transferred from one place to another one expect a transfer and the promotion both this year okay and of course if you are planning to start your own startup venture this is the good year and of course some of you will start for sure and if you are running a business with your partner you will be having a very good relationship among each other and most of the partners are going to support you within this year and this looks really very good career-wise also and you will have you will have lot of a lot of movement around april september november and then and then october you will have a lot of lot of movement in your career around around these months okay some will some of these months are going to shape your career very well some of them are going to keep you there so it is a very good year for you 2022 career-wise now let’s look at what is going on in your family this year family is going to be like you will have lot of lot of cooperation from your from your partner from your from your spouse and if you are in love and if you are living with your love with your partner or still you are not married still the things will go very very fine you will have this year your your your family atmosphere is absolutely fine absolutely happy there are there are no issues till i mean till i’m in july this year and while if you look at this in july there may be some sort of differences among the family members and you will be able to contain this the those issues and of course in june or in june 22 uh 2022 you may be able to go to on vacation with your partner with your with your family members and of course these vacations may be planned at that at that point in time okay now let’s talk about your travel and after that we sum up like how this overall thing is looking up okay so travel is going to be lot of travel is going to be for you like you are you are one of those people who do not like to stay in one place for very long time okay your travel is you are going to travel for the work you are going to travel abroad also this month and if you had sorry this year and if you had been planning to go abroad on higher studies and you know figuring out what to do in the foreign lands of course this year will be a turning point for you and you will be able to explore in some of these months let me tell you which are these ones you can explore these months in april september june october november and that’s how you know these are the these are the good months when you will go when you can plan to go outside in outside your outside your country or you will be having a very you know nice ventures now if we sum up this year this year is going to be very good a positive year 2022 is a very positive year for you and although in the middle of the year there may be some difficulties here and there but you will be able to come out of them with the with right outcomes okay and for some time there may be some disturbance in the life but after all this will be absolutely fine okay you will have good saving this year you your your family is going to support you your your partners in business are going to be on your side and things look very positive overall this year and it is only only the word of advice is this that you know you need to get a stable into into your job and into your career and in and into the places where you where you move okay and there are people who are ready to support you like your aquarius partner will always support you your leo leo partner will always support you so these are the people who will always support you no matter what you do these this this this support is always available to available to you okay you will have taurus friend very good doing for you so in year 2022 and they will also support you taurus will support you your your leo will support you will support you and aquarius aquarius is going to support you in a full-fledged manner but your very good friend who is basically romantically attracted to you scorpio is is going to be with you as a partner in in everything you do in 2022 so we wish you all the best and happy new year in advance to you and have a have a very good life indeed and best of luck thank you thank you very much subscribe our channel for sure thank you thanks a lot.

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