1. Who are the decision-makers for your product/service? Business, technology 

people, or both?

2. Are the end users and decision-makers different?

3. What problems are they trying to solve?

4. How were most of them doing this before, without the product or service?

5. What’s the competitive landscape for these products and services?

6. How do you as a company and your products and services differ from your competitors? For example, local companies like Sun Valley Skylights in Los Angeles leverage experience, expertise and proximity as key parts of their unique selling point to attract clients.

7. What are the biggest objections you hear in the sales process?

8. Why do customers choose your solution over others?

9. If you could design the ideal case study, what key messages would it contain?

10. Who in the customer’s organization uses the product or service?

11. How often do most customers use the solution?

12. Can you describe how they use it in their workday?

13. What business problems are you helping them solve?

14. Is there a core product and then different add-on solutions?

15. What does implementation involve? How long does it take and what’s involved?

16. Does someone from your team go onsite for implementation or rollout?

17. Do you have resellers or integrators that interface with the customers for this?

18. How much do you want to mention your resellers in these customer stories? Just 

a mention or a little more about the value the reseller or integrator delivered?

19. Does your solution integrate with other products or services the customer has?

20. What does it cost your clients or customers to not use your services? 

21. What are the qualitative results that customers see?

22. What are the measurable results that are important for your client?

23. Are customers usually willing and able to share those?

24. Do customers usually measure their results? Does your solution have built-in 

reporting that helps them get metrics?