Nicemay is high-tech enterprise, highly committed to producing smart beauty apparatus, which is engaged in the research & development, designing, manufacturing, marketing and sale of beauty device across the world. We offer a range of cutting-edge products including facial cleansing brush, skin scrubber, beauty mask, facial roller massager, makeup tools and so on.


It is widely believed that technology makes better life. Therefore, technology can be applied in skincare, making you a brand-new experience. All is known, cleansing and moisturizing play important roles in facial care. You would be absolutely amazed by our products with the help of technology. Delicate, portable, sleek and simple design would definitely hit your fancy. Every product, both unique and ingenious, is full of humanization as if it is customized for you, manifesting our respect for skin completely.

We will provide you with sensible skincare routine according to your skin types and we are sparing every efforts to make it possible for you to gain a luxury skincare experience, which is timesaving, light-hearted and reassuring. Hence, we always advocates that easy skincare should be a part of daily life. We promise that it would be an enchanting and charming experience while using our products. The multifunctional products allow you to pamper yourself with a treatment usually only found in professional spas and salons, without breaking the bank. They are all suitable for sensitive skin, making you enjoy a skin-friendly, safe and non-irritating skincare experience.