It was so incredible that I found the article “Solo Travel: How Can Women Feel Safe?” before I decided to go solo. While there are many tips for how to make affordable travel happen when you don’t have the money, very few offer safety advice, particularly for women. It’s something I have never considered before. Although I did google climate, I didn’t think about the issue from a religious or cultural perspective. To be honest, I was shocked to find out that Dubai bans’summer’ clothing like t-shirts and shorts. They are very progressive and don’t seem to pay much attention to tourists who visit their country. Although women can travel nowadays is quite common, the safety aspect of traveling for women still leaves much to be desired. If she travels to a country that has extreme heat and humidity, she must still wear long sleeves and skirts to protect herself. The best places to travel are either European countries or US states such as Florida, LA, or NY. There, nobody really cares about what you wear or how you look.