Payal polypropylene PVC Three Way Ball Valve, Size: 1" To 2.5",32 Mm To  75mm, Rs 201 /piece | ID: 9630777948

Our Three Way Ball Valve is used for applications where line diverting or mixing applications are essential. Three Way Valve divert flow from one hole to three In most cases, the UPVC Ball Valve is also known as UPVC 3 Way Ball Valve has two methods of operation: input and output.

TKD 3 Way Ball Valves may be recommended in some systems when more than one medium is utilised. Instead of only two ports (entries), the PVC 3 way ball valve has three. This multiport arrangement may divert fluid from the primary valve input to two distinct directions (rather than just one) via two independent TKD Port Ball Valve outputs. The primary flow line is served by two separate and alternative inlets, which is another common application of the UPVC Dual Block 3-Way Plastic Ball Valve.