When a cell phone is used frequently, it suffers from wear and tear. Contacts get loose, cables become broken, and dust and sand can accumulate on the phone. When it comes to charging, this can be significant pain. Is there anything more aggravating than plugging in your phone and then discovering it hasn’t changed after a few hours? Call usfix your phone perth


Here are some tips for determining the source of a problem and promptly resolving it…


1. Charging station


The charger may be the issue. To see if this is the case, plug in a different phone and see if it works usually. If that’s the case, the charger isn’t the issue.


If the problem is caused by the charger, you can enhance contact by raising the metal pins with a sewing needle. You don’t want to shatter or bend them, so take it slowly and carefully. It’s always a good idea to start with your nail.


If you think the problem might be on the other end, the side of the adapter with the plug, try plugging it into multiple outlets to see if it works. If it doesn’t work at several different outlets, it’s broken, and it’s time to buy a new one.


2. USB port 


The USB port is the source of the problem in 90% of situations. The contacts in the charger connection can wear out if it is constantly inserted into the USB port. In addition, dirt, dust, and lint can cause the port to become clogged.



Turning off the phone and, if feasible, removing the battery are the initial steps in resolving this issue. After that, scrub the battery and clean the USB port with a dry toothbrush. If this doesn’t work, use a needle, toothpick, or a thin piece of plastic to remove the remaining dirt. Finally, plug the charger back in after you’ve cleaned all the dirt and dust, and the phone should typically work again.



3. Battery


Perhaps the issue is with the battery. First, examine its overall condition: is it distorted? Please put it on the table and spin it around like a top. If it spins, it has become distorted and must be replaced.


To avoid compatibility concerns, replace it with a battery from the same brand. If your warranty is still valid, you may be eligible for a free replacement!