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Hi’I am Brij Mohan Fonuder & Associate Petronthermoplast  Limited Company. Petronthermoplast  Industries Limited is one of  the leading piping and water storage solutions companies in India.

This valve to use for the water flow or other liquids as they have easy open and close functionality. CPVC Ball Valve means chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, is a thermoplastic pipe to use to make the different type of equipment such as ball valve.  It is one of the grounded materials which is used in making of the valve. Usually, it can cover a ton of water system requirements and give the imperative authority over the progression of substantial fluids and granules. It has a simple handle to open or close the valve. When the handle is turned to be aligned with the pipe direction, the valve allows to flow to pass, and when it is perpendicular it is completely closed. This Product is intended to support ranchers and enterprises do feasible cultivating. With the assistance of these ball valves, one can undoubtedly control the water system and oblige a superior world

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