There are some important factors that need to be considered while choosing the best option for an online advertising and marketing company. Let us look into these factors individually.

Experience of the agency: Consider their past creative experience and go through their creative content to check the quality of their work. This will give an idea about how professional they are and how well they fit into your business needs.
Mediums of advertising: Look for agencies that can offer a broad range of advertising solutions and work on different mediums so that it is a time-saving, one-stop shop for all your advertising and marketing needs. Advertising agencies that not only provide print, audiovisual, and Internet advertising solutions, but also take care of marketing and public relations, provide a definite edge with all services under a single roof.
Size of the advertising agency: Look for an advertising agency that can gel with your company. It does not have to be a big agency necessarily, as smaller agencies can also work efficiently, effectively, and more so within your budget.
Long-term vision: Look for an agency that looks forward to a challenge and has the ability to give you a long-term commitment. It will help establish a good business relationship and can work wonders for the brand.
Deliverables and impact of advertising: Though it is very difficult to measure the success of an advertising campaign, it is better to work with the agency to gauge the impact of the campaigns to determine if advertising and marketing goals are being met.
Fees and charges: The most important factor is choosing an agency that falls under your advertising budget. It is an expensive affair, and any variation between common objectives will severely impact the success rate of the advertising campaign.
The team: People who will work on the project have a direct impact on your campaign. Look to build a good relationship with the direct workforce on the project so they understand your needs. It makes working on the project fun and easy.
Contracts: Make sure you have contracts and other documents in place to avoid any unwanted complications later. Be clear of the fees, duration, people on board, advertising medium, etc.
Choose the right company: Let us take some time to choose the right company as it will be totally worth the effort; having the campaign in the wrong hands will have disastrous effects.
Know your needs: Make sure the marketing and advertising company understands your product and services being offered. This will help them to know what you expect from them and makes the whole process a lot easier.
References: If possible, try and get feedback from their clients to know how effective the agency is. This will provide you with a basic idea of their reputation in the market and help you choose the best option.
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